NABI “Native American Heritage Day Celebration”
In partnership with Ak-Chin Indian Community, the “Native American Heritage Day Celebration” was created to celebrate our Native American culture and music.
The celebration takes place on the Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday, the official Native American Heritage Day and will feature an Indian Market to include vendors who offer an assortment of Native art, jewelry and cuisine.
This event is open to the general public and continues to build a stronger bridge between Native Americans and non-Natives.

Program Objectives

  • Host a Native American themed event the promotes and celebrates Native American culture and music
    • Feature local/national singers and dancers
    • Introduce to the general public the music and culture of Native Americans
  • Host an event that strengthens the bridge between Native and non-Native communities
  • Utilize this event as a fundraiser for NABI Youth programs and to promote the mission of the NABI Foundation.